FATHER OF SUPERHEROS- Stanlee The Story Will Inspire You

              Stanlee (Stanley Martin Lieber) was born on December 28,1992 was an American comic writer,editor and publisher who was active from the 1940s to 2010s.He rise from a normal community and now he was an famous personality. The ranks of a family-run business to become MARVEL COMICS primary creative leader for two decades, leading its expansion from a small division of a publishing house to a multimedia corporation that dominated the comics industry.



                  Stanlee ws born in Manhattan, New york city, in the apartment of his Romanian –born jewish immigrant parents. His father was JACK LIEBER who was an dress cutter who does not get much work after the great depression. His mother was CELIA LIEBER and he had a one younger brother LARRY LIEBER. The family after the great depression moved further uptown to Fort Washington Avenue, in Washington heights, Manhattan.


                  Lee was influenced by books and movies in his childhood which leads him to become a writer. He was particularly influenced by ERROL FLYNN playing heroic roles. During his teens, Lee’s family was in an apartment at 1720 university avenue in the BRONX. Lee described it as “ a third floor apartment facing out back”. Lee and his brother shared the bedroom whereas his parents slept out on the fold out couch.


               Lee attended DEWITT CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL in the Bronx.IN his youth, he enjoyed writing and entertained dreams of writing the ”THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL” oneday. He said that in his youth he worked such part time jobs as writing obituaries for a news service and press releases for the National Tuberculosis center.He got prize in many competition regarding writing. He graduated from his high school early, aged 16 in 1939 and joined the WPA federal theatre project.


              Lee with the help of his uncle ROBBLE SOLOMON, Lee become assistant in 1939 at the new TIMELY COMICS division of pulp magazine and comic book publisher Martin goods man company. His duties is to fill pen in the ink and buy food for them. After knowing the talent of lee, the company gave him a chance to write his first book. During the early 1942 Lee ente5red into the United States Army and worked as an signal corps.


               In the later 1950;s DC COMICS editor JULIUS SCHWARTZ revived the superhero archetype and explained a significant success withouts updated version of the flash, and later with the superteam. In response, publisher MARTIN GOODMAN assigned lee to come up with an new super hero team.lee wife suggested that his experiment with his stories he preferred, since he was planning on changing carrers and nothing to lost. The first superheroes was the FANTASTIC FOUR. The team gets populared immediately among the people. This leds to the creation of various marvel character.



             The fantastic four leds to the craetion of various marvel character such as The Hulk,Thor,Iron man ,X men, Spider man,Ant man. He  also appeared in movies based on the marvel characters like x men,iron man, iron man 2, fantastic four, spider man, the amazing spider man,thor,captain america an so on.


          In 1947,lee got married to JOAN CLAYTON BOOCOCK and lived on long island for the first few years of their marriage. The couples had a daughter, JOAN CELIA LEE and a boy, JAN LEE who died in infancy.

          In September 2012, lee underwent an operation to insert a pacemaker, which required cancelling planned appearences at conventions.

          On July 6, 2017 ,his wife of 69  years. Joan , died of complications from a stroke. She was a 95 years old.


           He had achieved various awards such as

  • The will Eisner award hall of fame
  • Jack Kirby hall of fame
  • National medal of arts
  • Disney legends
  • Saturn awards
  • Hollywood walk of fame
  • Visual effects society award and many more


               Stanlee died at the age of 95 at Cedars-Sinal Medical Center in Los Angeles,California,on November 12,2018. The immediate cause of his death was cardiac arrest with respiratory failure and congestive failure as underlying causes.

                Stanlee , the creater and the father of the superheros commonly use the word ”EXCELSIOR” which actually means “onword and upward to the greatest glory”. As he said his glory and fame remains rised forever.

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