how to gain weight not fat?

Hi guys,

Here we recommend  you to some natural food to gain weight not fat.First you want to Know about difference between fat and weight.

 What is fat?

Here i’m not going to explain about biological matters jut i’ll tell about general think so you gen get it.

Fat can increase your body weight but this is so dangerous it can causes health issue. Fats are not digested by your digesting system so it will make heart attack,breathing problems.

Gain weight With Natural Foods

we need to follow our instructions regularly to get result.the following foods will give proteins so it can’t case any side effect.Our plan to gain weight is very simple.You have to ate for extra calories which means,if your body spend 1,000kcal then you need to ate more foods that gives more than 1,000kcal so your body weight will automatically increase.


In Banana  89cal for each 100gms and having Vitamin -A,Vitamin -C,Iron,Magnesium and mainly potassium

In india you can get bananas as cheap eat more banana to gain weight with cheap cost.


second one is potato having 77cal per 100gms. And contains Vitamin -c,iron,vitamin b-6,magnesium and potassium. Note: Take potato weekly two times other wise it can make some gas problems in your body.

3.Milk products


Drink hot or cold milk twice a day because milk having lot of calcium it can improve your bone strength.If hate the smell of milk try to ate milk products like ghee,butter in minimum amount.Avoid packed milk and drink cow milk for better results.


Most of the people don’t know about  mangoes.They having 21% vitamin A and 60% Vitamin C. Please drink hot milk after ate mangoes for better results.


Eggs having Cholesterol so ate two eggs in a day.They also having Sodium ,Potassium ,Vitamin A,Vitamin  D,

Vitamin B-6 and Iron.

6.chocolates and Ice-creams

when it’s comes to chocolates please ate a real COCO chocolates so that can give high calories and ate home mad ice creams and chocolates gives you a results in few weeks.

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