What is Alphabet Inc.?

Hi guys,Today we are telling about Alphabet Inc company many of you don’t know about this company.

But each and every day you are using this companies services.But some of you may know.

Alphabet company is a parent company of GOOGLE .ya google want to create a public holding company so it announced about alphabet on 2015.

The main plan is to create lot of companies  for a public service.The name “Alphabet” refers they are want to create a companies in alphabetical order.for example,

  1.      A-ANDROID,ADS
  2.      G-Google(Search)
  3.      Y-Youtube

So here i’m displayed few companies which is most popular.But Google also have lot of failures.

so don’t worry guys if get any failures in your life just remember world’s tech giant google also has failure.

Apart from this failures they still investing on lot of new things and they are creating their network service with the technology of virtual sim the project is called Google-FI.

Later we’ll explain you about Project FI. Please share your comments and needs we’ll blog about that.Thank you for reading with us!!!

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