Artificial Moon

Hi guys,Are you very interested  to know about what is artificial moon?.

So i’ll tell you in short,It’s like a moon which is made by  human and launched like a satellites.This idea is going to implemented by china to save the electricity which is spend for the street lights.

Is it possible to launch a Artificial moon?

Most of the scientists are telling this idea may be failure.Let’s look it may success.the concept of artificial moon is simply like the real moon.

How the Moon shines?

Real moon will observe the sun light and reflect it.Like this Our artificial moon that is satellite having huge mirrors and observe the sunlight then they will reflect it to earth.

Is It One Artificial moon enough for whole Earth?

My answer is NO,Because china is going to launch three artificial moon for only china.It’s going to cover only china.So china going to shine in night.

Known Issues of this Project

In my thought,It may produce lot of light so the night will became looks like  day and the people’s daily routine may affect. Yes,of course  may produce the health issue.I don’t Know about the astronomy so i didn’t talk about the technical issues in it.If you Know More about the “China’s Moon” lets share in the comment section. Thank You!!

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