Samsung Galaxy X Price and Details

Hi guys,

Here we are collected some information about samsung’s upcoming phone Galaxy-X. yah!i can hear your shouting “why man you’re explain about this particular mobile?”

Yes,i’ve some interesting news for you(may heard about this).I think it’s a next generation or next level of smart phone environment.”It Is a foldable and flexible phone“.It is official news by samsung and also announced by “ANDROID” in the android developer summit.

Android Inc.,tells they are developing apps for foldable phones and working with samsung.So,i’m sure you can believe me n this news.

Let me,explain about some features about this phone that are i know.

This may called as Samsung Flex.

The name foldable refers we can use it as a smart phone when it folded.if we are opened i mean unfold it will look like a Tablet. this is really fantastic because most of the people are using smart phones when they are out of home.And Using tabs in their home many phone manufactures are try to resolve this but samsung did it quickly.

The phone has all the features that your smart phone having as well as your tab.

Display of the foldable phones are come up with the new features like they  are having the layers with lamination for folding purpose.

 Launch Date

Still samsung not announced the official date but it will comes in next year may be March 2019.I think samsung will contact a big event  for this launch so the foldable phone can reach lots of people.

Estimated Rate

The company not announced it officially but some rumors tells it about 1,200 USD to 1,500 USD

(1,10,000 INR to 1,35,000 INR).

finally i want to tell my view about this new phone, i think  it will reduce the e-waste because in future no one need to buy two phones that’s all. please leave your comments and information.

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